Aug 11, 2010

Flight Attendant Freakout: A Sign of the Times?

By now, you may have heard about Steven Slater, the Jet Blue flight attendant who reportedly called a passenger a "f---ing a--hole" over the plane's public address system, grabbed some beer from the beverage cart, then deplaned via the emergency chute. (Slater's attorney said Slater had been hit in the head by a piece of luggage as two passengers were fighting over space in the overhead bin, then one of the passengers cursed him out once the plane had landed at JFK Airport in New York.)

This could have been just another case of "take his job and shove it," except that Slater has apparently become a hero to many -- and some say it's because all of us are working long hours, for less pay, and often at jobs that we don't really want. Economist Joel Naroff, cited in a USA Today article, says that businesses should see the Slater incident as a warning sign: Although many workers feel they must stay at their jobs now, despite layoff threats, pay cuts, and the rest, once the economy picks up, "it's going to be payback time." CNBC reports that it's "no surprise" Slater has become a hero, given that so many workers these days "are overworked and underpaid -- and they can't even threaten to quit or go somewhere else."